Why I am never shopping at Pottery Barn again.

Let me start off by saying that owning a business has made me extremely patient with issues that come up with companies. Things happen, and delays happen. There are so many things that are totally out of the control of the company.

This is not one of those times. Over the past year Pottery Barn has given such horrible customer service and quality that I felt compelled to type this blog post.

We are long time Pottery Barn customers. I even have a Pottery Barn credit card that I opened in 2011 when we bought our first house. At the beginning of 2017, after buying a couch from another company we weren't super happy with, we decided to check Pottery Barn. We knew it would be more expensive, but we thought "you get what you pay for" and we wanted a piece of furniture that would last. So we visited our local Pottery Barn and the assistant manager of the store helped us make the purchase. It was a very smooth process and we were given a estimated delivery date of early to mid April.

April came around and we didn't have any shipping notice, the card hadn't been charged. Then mid-April came and went. So I called. The couch was delayed. Fine. I get that stuff like that happens, but why wasn't I contacted? Why was I the one to reach out?

So mid-May the couch is delivered. I really liked it, so I got over the delivery delays that had frustrated me. About a week or so into having the couch we noticed that two out of three of the cushions were significantly less firm than one of the cushions. We really tried our best not to worry about it, because sometimes we feel like we are too picky about stuff. By end of September we were really frustrated because we paid more for this piece of furniture that now seemed to be falling apart.

In October we headed back to the local Pottery Barn that we purchased the couch from and again spoke to the assistant manager who helped us in the first place. Cameron explained the cushion issue to the assistant manager, and he assured us this was an issue that could be resolved quickly and that he would file a claim to get us new cushions.

All of October and November went by and we heard nothing. After contacting Matthew several times via email we finally got a call the last week of December, nearly 3 months after we spoke in the store. The call was from the warranty claim department, they said they received the photos we had sent in via the assistant manager and were forwarding them along to the manufacturer to check and see if they would approve the claim. They told me I should hear something by December 27th/28th. I did not.

I called again the first week of January, had to reexplain who I was and why I was calling for the 10th time only to find out that the claim was denied on the cushions from the manufacturer. After protesting this, and expressing my frustration, the representative I was speaking to offered to send a merchandise credit so I could get replacement cushions. She proceeds to tell me the credit had to be mailed, which would take a week. Then, once the credit arrived, I would then need to call and place a special order for the cushions. I had to take down long style numbers because this isn't something that is listed on the website. Since this is a special order of course would take a few weeks to arrive. The backwards way Pottery Barn attempted to handle this blows my mind. So now, nearly 3.5 months after we were in the store complaining, and we were told it could be handled, we still don't have the cushions. Two of the seats of the couch basically feels like you are sitting on the couch frame.

As our frustration pilled up, we faced another issue. We had a $200 loyalty reward from purchasing the couch on our Pottery Barn credit card. Here is another backwards thing Pottery Barn does. They charge your card for the full amount when you use a loyalty reward. Then once the monthly statement comes out, they apply the loyalty credit. I should add here that Cameron and I are the type of people that pay all of our credit cards weekly. If it's something like a store card we only use once and a while, we pay those as soon as the charge posts. So this was frustrating because we had to wait for the statement to come out before we could pay it, because the loyalty reward wouldn't be applied until then.

The statement came out, and the loyalty card was still not applied. Still, I waited and nothing was applied. I called the Credit Card customer service line. They told me this was not their issue, that my issue was with Pottery Barn not them. They did not offer to transfer me to the correct department. All the representative did was make it clear this was not her problem.

So I get off the phone with her and call Pottery Barn customer service. When I spoke to the Customer Service rep, I was told the $200 credit would take a week to show up on my account. I told her I needed this taken care of today. Then she said it would take 3-5 days. Again, I told her I needed it to be taken care of today. Then she told me it would take 24-72 hrs. I could feel myself loosing my cool. The issue I had was not with the customer service rep, it was with Pottery Barn. I asked to be transferred to a manager so I could go over the entire situation with them. She said ok. I could hear the line transferring.

Then I realized instead of being transferred to a manager, she transferred me to the Credit Card company. The same company who told me this was not their problem. I had to hang up, call the customer service department again and re-explain my whole issue to the next person just to confirm that the $200 was requested on my account by the first representative I talked to. This representative told me it would be 24-48 hours until the credit would show up. I am interested to find out exactly how long it will take given I was told anywhere from 24 hrs to a week from two different reps.

The main issue I have with all of this is that this was not a $100 Ikea couch. This was an expensive couch that we were happy to pay for under the assumption that we would be getting excellent customer service and a quality product. This was just really not the case at all. As soon as this is solved, and the balance on the card is back at zero as it should be, I will be closing my Pottery Barn credit card account and I will not be shopping there again.

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PS The day I shared this on my Instagram story, I got so many responses from followers with their Pottery Barn horror stories. We are not the only ones to feel frustrated by the horrible service and quality.