Sunday Lately Week 41

Welcome to our Sunday Lately link up! 

Meghan, Katy and I would love to have you join in, next week's prompts are always listed at the bottom of the post. Then just add your link to join the party!

It was a super busy week around here, so let's jump right in!


Some new fun things for Happily Ever Tees and Designs by Nicolina in the coming months! We have a new shop in Atlanta to stock. Crafted Westside just opened a seasonal pop up shop in the Shops Around Lenox Mall, so I have some new products and card designs coming to that location by Designs by Nicolina.

Also planning out some weekend getaways and trips for the winter and spring time!


My super supportive husband for being a willing participant in all of my crazy ideas, plans and adventures. 

I can't believe on the 24th we will be celebrating 5 years of being Mr + Mrs!


A bunch of blogs and e-courses on google analytics. If anyone has any good resources to share on this topic please do! I am at a total loss when it comes to this stuff!


For this week would to go as smoothly as possible! We are leaving bright and early Monday morning, and that means we have to get all open orders on their way to their new homes in a timely fashion. 

There is not a doubt in my mind that Cam and I didn't EARN this trip!


SUPER proud of all I have accomplished in running. I will go into a full recap soon [she says hopefully] but I completed my first 10k yesterday. With Cameron running next to me, along with the rest of our half marathon team in training. 

In February it was a struggle for me to run a mile. It is amazing what you + your body can do when you put your mind to it!


Ran past Bacon Street yesterday between mile 5 and 6. It reminded me of the amazing breakfast Meghan's husband Corey was making for us. That was some good bacon.