Sunday Lately Week 40

Sunday Lately is here! It's time for the weekly link up that I host with my amazing blogger girls Katy and Meghan. 

We would love to have you join, just head to the bottom of this post for the details. 

Here's what's been going on this week around here.



My checklist! I have been diligent this week about keeping a checklist and my planner fully planned out. While every day individually hasn't gone exactly as planned, overall I'm putting this week in the win column. 

I'm also pretty proud of myself for getting 3 Sunday Lately link ups in a row. Trying to get back in the blogging routine has not been easy, but I told myself to start with Sunday's and work up from there. 

I hope to add a second regular blogging day soon! Baby steps.


Walt Disney World in just over 2 weeks! I am so excited to have a vacation. For the first time in a really long time, maybe ever, we are closing all the shops down for 2 weeks. This will give us our normal turnaround time on orders, and the ability to relax and enjoy ourselves. Instead of just being stressed out about work and emails in a hotel room.


YOU GOT THIS to myself. On the 10th we are participating in a 10K to get our proof of time submitted for the half marathon in February. I'm all kinds of freaked out. 

Meghan and Corey have promised us breakfast when the race is over so I'm trying to focus on that. #willrunforwaffles


Nate Ruess. On Wednesday, I surprised Cam with an early anniversary gift to see is favorite, Nate Ruess in concert. The concert took place at the Buckhead Theater in Atlanta which was amazing because it's a small intimate venue. 


We had the best time, and I legit surprised Cam which is a huge task for me.


Some time for myself, kind of a treat yo self day. Cameron and I had a long talk this week about making sure we are taking care of ourselves and not just letting the business run our lives. The truth is that I don't want my work to be the only thing I do all day and I have to be the one who controls that. 

So here's to mid week date nights, and mani-pedi lunch breaks. I deserve it.