Sunday Lately Week 45

It's a rainy Sunday here. What does that mean for me? Basically anything that can get done from my bed in my PJ's is getting done today.

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I am linking up with my girls Meghan (who is enjoying her Disney cruise as I type this) + Katy


a few blogs posts for the next few weeks. I have gotten in this horrible habit of half completing posts and not finishing them. Hopefully I can finish those up super soon and get back on a regular posting schedule. [file that under things I have said too many times in my Sunday Lately posts]



We attended the SGIA [Specialty Graphic Imaging Association] Expo this week. It was kind of a last minute addition to our schedule, but it was so worth it. 

We got to see a lot of equipment we use for our screen print shop in person, and placed some orders for some hopefully game changing equipment. 


The Star Wars trailer and I'm not afraid to let my Star Wars nerd flag fly on this one. I even picked up the cutest tee [seriously it was only $14.99] from Target to wear to the movie. I will also be sporting my Leia buns. 

That's okay if you are jealous of me.


People who can get in and out of places like Ikea or Target without either A] spending all the money or B] getting overwhelmed and leaving with nothing.


fingers - crossed a hair cut appt this week. Maybe even some color change I don't know I am super indecisive about my hair. I really want to keep it long though!