Sunday Lately Week 51


Happy SUNDAY. 

We have had a super busy couple of weeks but I feel like it's finally maybe starting to calm down. (Maybe) Let's jump right and catch up!



for about a year we have been planning to come and see the new Star Wars movie with our friends who live in Kentucky. It started out as a joke but early Fall we decided to turn it into a surprise for Chase. All of the planning paid off and he was totally surprised. Now we get to hang out for the rest of the weekend YAY!


we spent some time out in our volunteer work yesterday. The territory Chase and Brittany live in is seldom worked. So it was super awesome to get to talk with people that aren't often reached. 



Blogs are pretty much the only things I have the time for. Sorry stack of books next to my bed. Maybe next year. 


I could make all of my customers happy. Unfortunately it's the most unpredictable time of the year when it comes to pretty much everything. We made all of our deadlines, but we weren't able to make everyone happy and do other things like sleep and shower. You know the basics! 


THE FORCE. No spoilers here but seriously go see Star Wars. It was SO GOOD.