My Favorite Gluten Free Recipes - Cinnamon Rolls

My Favorite Gluten Free Recipes

Welcome to a new series on the blog where I share my favorite gluten free recipes. Today I am sharing a yummy recipe for gluten free cinnamon rolls. The world of gf cooking and baking is filled with bad recipes. I thought I would take some space on my blog to share a the ones I have tried and we have loved.

Last week I took on one of my favorite gluten filled treats and tried to make a yummy gluten free version.

After much pinterest-ing I came across this recipe on Love from the Oven.


I was excited to try the recipe because it uses one of my favorite gluten free flours, Cup4Cup. 

The recipe on Love from the Oven was super easy to follow. Especially since I have never made anything as complicated as cinnamon rolls before. 

The only thing I changed from the Love from the Oven recipe was I couldn't find rapid rise yeast so it took a little longer than mentioned in her recipe. 

I love the amount of filling that I used. I went on the high side of what was suggested in the recipe. The only think I think that I would changed would be to try and roll the dough tighter. I think that would help them not dry out so much, but they were still super good. 

Something that was mentioned in the Love from the Oven recipe that I totally agree with is these are best as soon as they come out of the oven. A few hours later they really do need to be reheated in order to be yummy again. 

Add some icing, I did a basic vanilla frosting because Cameron isn't a fan of cream cheese icing and then I just had it on the side so we could add as much as we wanted. 

I like about a 50/50 cinnamon roll to icing ratio.