Do you ever just get the feeling it's time for a change. 

Having my personal  blog also linked into my business is one of those things that really did seem like a good idea at the time. But as I sat down a couple of days ago to plan out a few blog posts, I felt like something was off. None of the post ideas that were coming to mind matched the space I had to share them in. 

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I needed a new blogging space to share the things that don't have anything to do with Designs by Nicolina. I needed to streamline and organize my online life. Lumping all of my blogging efforts under one giant DBN umbrella just didn't make sense to me anymore. 

So a few days, and a domain purchase later I am so excited to present Nicolina.Co 

Nicolina.Co will be a place to share product reviews, DIY projects, travel tips, restaurant reviews, recipes, fashion posts, tips for staying organized, and more!

Designs by Nicolina (the blog) will continue to be DBN shop support. When a new product launches, a styled shoot happens, a sale is going on or there is a free printable - Designs by Nicolina is where all of that will happen. 

I cannot tell you how excited I am for this change, and the rest of the changes coming to the business side of things in the coming months. 

Thank you so much for following along on the journey so far, I am excited to share the next steps with you.