Happiness Finds Happy People

As a part of Blogger, May (a link up for the month of May, you can read about here) I am sharing my favorite quote.

Happiness Finds Happy People

I am pretty sure I made this quote up, but that's not the only reason "Happiness finds happy people" is the quote I decided to share today.

I am a firm believer in this and I try to apply it to my life every day. My mom says only boring people are bored, and this is kind of the same thing. 

When you are a happy person, you attract other happy people. Good friends = lots of happiness. 

When you choose to focus on the good in people, and not their flaws, you looks unrealistic expectations that might be discouraging. 

All in all, when you have a positive outlook on life, you don't focus on things that will get you down. Happiness fills your life because you have made room for it by being a happy person. 

Do you have a favorite quote? I'd love to hear it!