Summer Plans

Blogging along with Angelica, Katy and Meghan today for the final week of Blogger, May I. Today's prompt was to share our plans for the summer.


Summer's are so much different when you are an adult. When you are a kid, your entire year is spent just waiting for SUMMER. You dreamed of summer days filled with nothing but cannon ball contests and popsicles. Now, as an adult, it's the hot time of year you have to stay inside and work like every other day of the year.

Or do you?

Part of the fun of owning your own business is that you can work whenever you want to. So this summer Cam and I have decided to make an effort to use the neighborhood pool more. No joke, I think we went a total of 2 times last year. Cameron's sister and our nieces and nephew like to come over and use it at least once a week, and I am excited to join them some more.

Of course that means new swim suits. I love Aerie for stuff like that. I have this top, and these bottoms on their way to me now. I'm also loving this, and this super cute flamingo float.

As always you have your summer basics like conventions, weddings, and graduation parties. Our calendar is totally full for basically the entire month of June! 

We are going to try and head to see Cam's family in Florida, and get at least a day or two in at the beach. It's nice to have family that live on just the other side of the highway from my happy place. We are also hoping to be able to go see my grandparents in NY after my grandpa is recovering from his surgery in the next couple of weeks. 

On a work related note, we are adding a few new things to the DBN studio here, I can't wait to share more on all the new products and changes that will come along with that.

All in all I think we have a schedule packed with plenty of work and fun! Do you have anything exciting planned for the summer?