What is Rocksbox? & a Rocksbox Unboxing

Rocksbox Review & Unboxing

This is my third month getting a Rocksbox. What is a Rocksbox and why do I think all jewelry lovers need to give this service a try?

What is Rocksbox? 

Each month of your subscription your Rocksbox personal stylist selects items just for you based on a questionnaire they have you fill out and a wish list you create. They send you three items, on loan (it kind of makes me feel like a celebrity), which are usually worth around $200 retail. 

$19 a month gets you unlimited jewelry rental, and the ability to swap your set out anytime you want. When you are ready to swap out your set, just box it all back up, fill out the little survey, and stick the pre-paid label that's included in the package and drop it in your mailbox. SO EASY. 

Fall in love with an item and want to make it yours forever? Each month $10 of the $19 you spend for the service gets can be applied to your purchase. 

Want to sign up, be sure to enter the code: nicolebff521

What to see inside my most recent Rocksbox?

Rocksbox Unboxing

Perry Street, Gwen Crystal Earrings in Yellow, insider price $40

Perry Street, Laurel Necklace, insider price $51

Sophie Harper, Pavé Star Bracelet, insider price $43

and don't forget that on top of those prices, If I wanted to purchase one I would be able to apply $10 of my "shine spend" towards the item. You can purchase via your account page or simply by not sending the item back!

Why do I think Rocksbox is worth a try for jewelry lovers?

I love jewelry. Especially quality pieces, that make a statement. The problem with statement jewelry is it either quickly goes out of style OR you get sick of wearing it. Enter Rocksbox. When you get sick of something you just send it back!

Another bonus is that it lets you try out new styles, without too much investment. $19 is a fraction of what any single piece in the box they send you would cost. I love that all of the pieces are trendy and colorful. It's been fun to mix up the pieces with my wardrobe. 

Want to sign up, be sure to enter the code: nicolebff521

Now that I have had the service for three months here are my thoughts. 

I will always be completely honest in a review, even when the product is provided for me. With that being said, I have to admit that I was kind of disappointed in my second box. Okay, really disappointed. The necklace they sent was really similar to the first month. It was the same color metal, and the same color stones. The earrings were just OK and the bracelet wasn't anything I would have picked. I wore none of the pieces and I sent it back quickly. I was sure to be honest in my Rocksbox review. (when you send a box back, you also submit a review so they can perfect your box for the next time) They did a much better job with this round.

I would say, be specific with what you are adding to your wish lists and if you have any requests, or things you really don't want - note them. I think it is certainly the kind of thing that will get better with time.  

Want to sign up, be sure to enter the code: nicolebff521

Disclaimer: I received three months of Rocksbox in exchange for my review on the service. You can read more about what this means here.