Get Hashtag Happy

I'm joining in with Katy, Meghan and Angelica for the final days of the blogger, May I challenge. Today's prompt is to

#Get #Hashtag #Happy

I feel like with hashtags you are either a lover or a hater. I am a lover and a self proclaimed over-user of the #hashtag and I'm not afraid to say it. My business has a hashtag (maybe more than one, my vacations have a hashtag, even my dog has a hashtag. 

My hashtag obsession has turned into me loving/needing to buy anything with that cute little symbol on it. Like the Kendra Scott charm in the opening image, or my cute little #EtsyFinds below. 

Hashtags are also amazing ways to grow your social media following, and find new feeds to obsess over. I have been trying to implement this article from Danielle, she shares 6 hashtags to use to share your creative work on Instagram.