Sunday Lately Week 33

It's SUNDAY. How is it possible that the weekend is practically over. Cameron and I were planning on spending this as a working weekend trying to catch up from being out of town, but are plans were foiled and now we have been forced to relax. That's not very relaxing at all. 

Let's get right into what's going on with me this Sunday. I hope this is the start to a more consistent blogging schedule for me. Want to join in on the link up fun? Katy, Meghan and I host a weekly link up on Sundays. All of the prompts for next week can be found at the bottom of this post. 

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This is a loaded question for this week. We were in NYC spending time with my Grandparents and some close friends of ours who happened to be up there at the same time. We stayed in a lovely little (really little) Airbnb rental, which I hope to post more about this week. Then we were airport dwellers all day Wednesday where we waited, on standby, for a flight. We barely got out, on the last flight of the day. It was not the highlight of the trip to say the least, but we made it home!


We seriously helped ourselves to all the pizza while we were in NYC. We had the best GF pizza we have ever had. I can't wait to share some of the spots we found, on the blog this week.


How long it takes to catch up after a trip. I feel like I say this every time we go out of town. Would someone please remind me that jetlag is real, even if you aren't changing time zones.


I will be switching some stuff around on the blog this week. New pics, maybe even some new fall inspired colors. I am so excited to be back blogging on the regular. 


On lists and my trusty planner. I can't wait to pick a new one out for 2016 which is seriously just around the corner. I have my eye on a few which I linked to below (just click on the images) Which is your favorite?