Sunday Lately Week 38

Welcome to the weekly link up I host with the lovely Katy and Meghan! I finally have my act together and got my post ready early so I can join in. 


If I am being honest the past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Learning a new skill, and taking over Happily Ever Tees has been a lot more life consuming that I had planned. Our tees have really taken off the past few weeks as well. It's super rewarding to be creating something people seem to love and really connect with, but it's overwhelming at the same time. 

I am trying to get my life, blog and workspace back on track. I think the best way to do things is to re-introduce them one at a time. So for the next few weeks I am going to put all of my focus into making sure I have a post going live every Sunday on schedule. Once I have nailed that down, I will be adding a couple of posts during the week as well. 

These posts will mainly focus on lifestyle topics, business endeavors and sharing things that I love.

So without any further delay here's Sunday Lately!


At home a lot. We have some travel coming up soon, and that always is preceded by home time. Lots of home cooked meals, and not as much random errand shopping that always leads to me spending money. 


Myself to some podcast listening! I have been spending a lot of time at my desk answering emails and packing up shirts. I have found that I can't focus with a show on, but listening to a podcast is super relaxing. 

For the business, boss lady side of things I am finally getting close to caught up on the She Percolates podcast. And for the Disney lover in me I love the WDW Radio podcast. I am all caught up on that, but I have been going back and getting some older episodes that I haven't listened to before.


To blog. I went into detail at the top of this post. When I am busy, blogging is the first thing that gets cut out. 99% of the time it's because I forget I have a blog haha.


The social media sites I check all the time. I am so close to completely deleting Facebook off my phone. It just makes me mad sometimes. 

I have been loving Snapchat [find me] and Twitter [@nicolinadotco] and as always Instagram []. I have been watching some on periscope, but no live streaming for me yet!


On my extreme list making abilities to get me through to when I can use my new planner in January! I finally committed and laid down the cash to order the new Emily Ley planner, and I am already in LOVE. 

I highly recommend it, and hope to do a new post on it soon.