Sunday Lately 55


It's time for another round of Sunday Lately hosted by Blogger Tribe. If you are a blogger we would love to have you join our link up.

I love using it as a fresh start for the week, to get me back on track with my writing.



Cameron and I have been busy completing new designs for our tee shop Happily Ever Tees. We have all the supplies to make it happen, now we just have to make the time.

Honestly we have been basically treading water to get through learning a new skill in screen printing, managing all of the new supplies that come with it, and the flood of orders we found ourselves in.

I have designed next to nothing since early Fall. So getting back to the basics of what I love to do has been so refreshing.



We went through the photos from our recent visit to PGH and I fell in love with this shot Cameron took. Is that wrong to say I really like a photo of myself?

It's from our visit to Phipps Conservatory, you can read more about our PGH trip here.


I don't have much on repeat right now. I go through stages of listening to music while I work and watching a show. Right now I am catching up on The Good Wife. I feel like it's getting a little boring - but I also feel like I am too far in to not finish up the last season that's on Hulu.

Then I will be fresh out of shows. Any suggestions?


I have been doing a good job of getting ideas out of my head and in a draft blog post. I have a few that I add a little bit to as I come up with more things to say.

I have found it takes the burden out of feeling like I need to sit down and type for hours at a time to get a post scheduled.


We are scheduling some time for family to come over this week. We have our Disney Princess Half Marathon/White + Moss family vacation coming up in just over a month. So we are planning a fun Disney night to make some plans, eat pizza and cupcakes and wear our ears of course!