Sunday Lately 57


a lot of lettering with my fresh new pens. 


My favorite are the Tombow, dual brush pens.  I have found that working on my lettering really calms me down and is a good way to let my creative juices flow.

As much as I like to pretend I sit at my desk designing all day, 90% of my job is social media, paper work, ordering things and packing up orders. 


my girls Meghan and Jenn, as well as Cam. Without their support and motivation, I wouldn't be anywhere near ready for the Disney Princess Half and I probably wouldn't have even signed up to be honest.  

I just looked back at my runs in RunKeeper and I have logged nearly 200 miles this year! 


Some new tees so we have fresh designs to take on our trip for photos next month! 


I've been working on my Spotify playlist, especially for race day which is exactly 3 weeks from today. 

I am throwing some classic Disney songs into my usually TSwift, Macklemore mix inspired by my Disney race! 


to get some more info regarding said race this week. They haven't announced corals or shown any photos of the official merch. I will be stalking my computer until then.