Nicole Runs #4

Nicole Runs the Disney Princess Half Marathon

Today marks 44 days until we run the Disney Princess Half Marathon. As I cross the days off of my calendar I am getting more and more excited and nervous. 

Earlier this week they released the race medals and it made it all so much more real and exciting. 

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2016

Let's just talk about this beauty for a second, If anything was going to get me to run 13.1 miles it would be Disney and this amazing medal. 

I have started ramping up my training this week. As a kind of YOU CAN DO THIS I signed up for the Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15k at the end of this month. I figured if I can get out there and run just over 9 miles on the streets of Atlanta I can make 13.1 miles happen at Disney World.

I am crossing a lot of to do's off my list. I have had my leggings for a few months now thanks to Albion Fit and now I just have to put together the rest of my Cinderella inspired look. With all the new regulations regarding costuming for the races I am glad I decided to go with a more Disney Bound approach to my look rather than full on Princess dress. I have no interest in using a port-a-potty in a tutu. 

A new pair of shoes have been ordered so I can begin to break them in. I actually ordered a new color of the same shoe so I know I love them. I may be a half marathon newbie but it's not a good idea to run 13.1 miles in new shoes. 

I highly recommend these shoes.That's not an affiliate link I just super love them. I also searched and found the perfect running bra for me. (that one is an affiliate link) I found it on REI Outlet for 40% off so I would check there too!

ALSO since it decided to actually get cold here I ran up to Target earlier this week and picked up a pair of their running leggings (hello $15). 

Love these for winter runs!

I have only ran in them once but they seem to be perfect for what I need them for and SUPER COMFY.

While I was at Target I picked up a pack of classic Goody's headbands. Since my Disney Bound includes recreating Cinderella's headband and bun look for the race I thought it would be good to practice with that hair for a little bit. Then once I know for sure they headband will work for me, Hobby Lobby here I come.

All in all, I may not be where I wanted to be 44 days out from the race, but life happens and I know I can do this. I have also tired to be a little less crazy Disney list lady about this trip. I haven't planned out our fast passes or made too many dining reservations. I want to make sure our main focus is this race, and honestly I don't know how I am going to feel after running 13.1 miles on that Sunday morning. 

I am however working on my list of things I need to pack and get ready. The good thing is, if I forget anything we are getting there a few days early with plenty of time to pick up anything I may have forgotten. 

Have you run a half-marathon or marathon? Anything I should add to my list of MUST BRINGS?

PS how cute are these little Run Disney wings my in-laws picked up for me at WDW? I am so in love!