Hockey Style

Stanley Cup Tee

It's Hockey Night in Pittsburgh and on top of that it's Wednesday Night Rivalry.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Boston Bruins

We are huge Pens fans, so when Shelby (of Cafe Forty Seven and a HUGE Bruins fan) and I realized that out teams were playing each other we knew we wanted to team up for something fun. So here is a post featuring our best BASIC GIRL Hockey Style - read on for an amazing coupon code!

Cute Hockey Tee for Girls

am a hockey fan by marriage. When I married Cameron it was apart of the deal that I also married the Penguins. I know that when the Penguins play it means we must have Pizza and Beer and we must finish work in time to sit down and give them the proper respect.

Last year we were able to go up to Pittsburgh for a game, and I searched high and low for something cute to wear to the game. I usually hate the ladies specific sports team stuff. I am sorry but I don't want a shirt with the Penguins logo in pink or covered in rhinestones - as much as I like pink and rhinestones.

I ended up finding something to wear to the game, but I wasn't super in love with it.

Pittsburgh Penguins Style

Which brings us to this summer while I was chatting with Shelby about the Stanley Cup Playoffs we decided that the world needed more cute Hockey stuff.

Shelby told me about her BASIC GIRL sports line she was working on and we worked together to come up with the Hockey one. If there is one thing that makes a girl BASIC it's wanting to put her monogram on everything. I personally think this is even funnier because the first thing I ever ordered from Shelby's shop was a monogrammed cup.

Boston Bruins Fan Style

The Stanley Cup outline featured on the tee is in glitter. HOLY CUTENESS. The color scheme also means it works for a lot of teams, although we are partial to black and yellow.

So here's the deal. We want to give you 20% off these adorable tees, which can be found here.

Use the code: GOPENS or GOBRUINS

 Both codes above will take 20% off this tee only but we want to see which team is more loved by our followers!

Hockey Style

Like our pom-pom hats? They are a Hockey fan staple, and I have linked some of my favorites below.

The code is good for today, December 14th only!