Star Wars DARK SIDE Half Marathon Planning

We are 131 days away from the Star Wars DARK SIDE Half Marathon Weekend in Orlando! As of right now, all events from 5k to Half Marathon are still open. Want to join us? Sign up here, and then contact my amazing friend Meghan to help you plan the rest of your vacation. Here information will be listed at the end of this post.

The four nights we will be spending in Walt Disney World is the next big trip we have on our schedule and I couldn't be more excited!

When I ran my first half marathon earlier this year, read that recap here, I was so incredibly nervous to run the actual race but at least by now I had my outfit planned. For this half marathon I feel a little more ready because I know I can do it BUT I haven't worked on my outfit - until this week.

With the first piece of my outfit coming in, and the announcement of the medals, I thought I would share a few of the items I've been putting together and some of my inspiration for this race weekend!

Here are the AMAZING MEDALS. I know people joke about running for the medal but these are seriously amazing. I think RunDisney events would sell out even faster if they showed you what the medals looked like before you send them all of your money to run.

I am a little bit jealous that my Dad has that awesome Storm Trooper medal waiting for him at the finish line of the 10k and that my brother, who is doing the challenge, will have those 3 medals in the middle!

Star Wars Darkside Half Marathon Weekened 2017

Next let's get on to the important stuff, what am I going to wear. I am not really one to run in full costume for the race. It's 13.1 miles I want to be comfortable, and using the port-a-potty in a BB-8 costume just didn't seem like fun to me.

For the Princess Half we designed some cute tees/tanks for Cam and I to wear and he came up with some great ideas for the Star Wars races as well.

We are not ready to announce exactly what they are yet, but here are a few hints for you - There will be a tank design, and a tee design. The tee design goes along amazingly with the Dark Side Half Marathon medal. They will be released, in limited quantities, beginning of January.

When my sister in law sent me the link to these running leggings I knew I needed to build my outfit around them.

Star Wars Leggings

The leggings were a little more than I usually like to spend on stuff like this, but Under Armour is my favorite workout brand (especially for bottoms) so I knew the quality would be amazing. I also knew that once I saw these nothing else would compare.

I ordered them early this week and they were shipped quickly. I don't know if they have them at the Disney Springs location, but last time we were there they did have some of the Star Wars collection for sale so it's possible. So I will wear these leggings, the tank design I am working on and hopefully my hair will be long enough to work into some Princess Leia buns.

I also ordered buttons from for everyone in our crew who is running. I hope they love them!

As far as my shoes go, I haven't really decided. The leggings are awesome because they will match with a lot of different colors. I had been running in some Adidas shoes that they don't make anymore so that's kind of a bummer because I really liked them.

I started running in these Nike Lunarglide 7 this Fall and I really like them so far! If I decide to keep running with those I will probably get a new pair of those. I am also looking at some of the Under Armour ones. I get really frustrated trying on running shoes so I need to start planning now. Plus I will get them in the next month or so and start rotating them into my running schedule. You really don't want to run in new shoes.

If you are running the race and you are looking for outfit ideas I would suggest checking out the Star Wars collection from Under Armour. They have lots of great options for a piece or two of your running look. Including these Millennium Falcon leggings, and this Storm Trooper Compression shirt.

Are you going to be there for Dark Side Half Marathon weekend!? We will see you there!

PS. Don't forget we always suggest you do your

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