Sunday Lately Week 59

Happy Sunday! It has been a crazy week filled with printing tees, running and preparing for our RACE WEEKEND which is just one week away.

It's time to check in, and catch up with Sunday Lately a weekly link up hosted by Blogger Tribe.


Our schedule for the week. Raise your hand if you always forget when the post office is closed for holidays? After a friendly reminder from Jenn my sister in law and email fairy, we had to re-plan the whole week. Not fun!



That just a few short months ago it was a task for me to run 1-2 miles. On Friday Cameron and I headed to the park and ran 10. It was our last long run before the race which is one week from today! EKKK! Cue excitement and nausea. 


To get packing! I have a lists pile started in the office of all my tees and fun things to bring, but I am so nervous I am going to forget something critical to running.


Well technically I haven't worn it yet but my adorable Cute But Kinda Weird tee from Daisy Natives came and I am so excited to wear it!


Her designs are so cute and unique. Her Pizza Queen tee and This is My Sunday Morning Shirt are also on my wish list.

Go check her adorable shop out!


Excited! I will have Disney brain for the next few days as we run all of our last min errands and tie up all of the loose ends in the shop. Then I will panic until the race. Then I will have all the fun!