Sunday Lately Week 64

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Let's jump in to what's been going on around here this week.


the Designs by Nicolina instagram for the first time in like EVER. It is so hard to balance two shops and a blog and it seems like when I am burning out, Designs by Nicolina is the first thing to go.


I finally have my feed looking the way I want it to there, and with my new iPad pro, I should be able to letter easier and get that feed some love.


that I don't have to please everyone. Actually I can't please everyone. This mainly applies to a small selection of our customers who don't seem to realize that we also have a life. As much as I wish we could restock the website at a time perfect for everyone, or have everything fully stocked at all times, we can't.


to finalize our taxes. It's happening this week if we don't have a mental breakdown about the mountains of numbers and paperwork looming over our heads.



My new Harveys bag wherever I go. You can read more about the new Disney inspired collection here, and check out Friday's post for a full review of the Streamline wallet. Also, I might be too excited about the new Happily Ever Tees design coming to the shop next week.


in a love/hate relationship with this weather. I love the temps, the sun and the flowers. However, anyone who has lived in or visited Georgia in the Spring will tell you of the yellow pollen blanket that covers our lives this time of year.

As much as I want to be outside at all times this time of year, my little nose and eyes can't handle it!