Sunday Lately Week 73

Welcome to Sunday Lately. A weekly link up hosted by the Blogger Tribe where we catch up and share about our week. Be sure to check out all of the posts in the link up below. 


How adorable is my cup that has nothing to do with the rest of the post? My only purchase at Walt Disney World last week. It was available at most shops in the parks and at the resorts.  


A look for our master bedroom. It's one of the only rooms in the house we have done absolutely nothing with.  I really love the color combo here, and the style of this. I want to keep it simple so I can add pieces over time. 

I love the idea of light neutral walls, that way I can add fun elements like art prints and pillows. I am not a really matchy-matchy person. 


It more difficult that planned to get over the post-vacation blues that tuned into a post-vacation illness.  

Cameron has been amazing taking care of me, but I am seriously ready to feel better. 


The laundry from washer to dryer then folding. All of our vacation laundry is clean and put away and it took me less than a week to make it happen.  

New record.  


To work. I literally was so sick Friday I didn't know what day it was, or what I was doing. It's a blessing and a curse to work for yourself. Hopefully I will be back on track tomorrow for work.  


A good run. Kind of. I am at least craving the positive side effects of a good run. What is it about being sick that makes you crave being active. Why can't I be motivated to run when I actually feel 100%.