Sunday Lately Week 81

Happy Sunday! After this crazy week, I am ready to catch up and have a Sunday Funday. Here's what's been going on this week.


in my new planner from Pretty Little Monograms arrived while I was out of town, so I got it on Monday. I am in love, it's the perfect size to throw in my bag and the hard cover and spiral makes it feel like it can handle it.

I have the smaller 36 month version, but they are taking pre-orders for the the 24 month agendas here!



my Origami Owl locket! Check out Thursday's post to read more about it and enter the amazing giveaway!


nothing much at the moment. I do have a stack of books on my dresser that I bought from Barnes and Noble LAST SUMMER. I promised myself that I would take some time to read more this summer, we will see how that goes!


we lived at the beach. I feel so much better when the salt air is filling my lungs. Coming home did not agree with me.



so extremely tired this week. We came home, with the weekend off before we had to get back into work more. Monday I sat down at my desk raring to go and hit a wall. There was an issue with my Adobe account and I was unable to access my Creative Cloud programs. Three days and multiple called to customer service later - I FIXED THE PROBLEM MYSELF. What a waste of time!

I barely made it through the week without being totally behind. I am excited to hopefully start fresh tomorrow. Monday please be nice to me!