Harveys Alice In Wonderland Collection PART 2

The Alice In Wonderland Collection Part 2 launches tomorrow at 8am PST. Keep reading for more details on what's included in the collection and my tips for shopping on launch day!

This part of the collection includes a "Queen of Hearts" inspired print, that comes with a printed belt, scarlet red accents, Alice liner, and a fun card shapes dangle.

Below you can find photos of all the pieces being launched tomorrow, with the exception of one piece that Harveys will announce at the launch! Hint from our friends at Harveys: it's a larger bag

This clutch/wristlet piece is so adorable. It looks like it will fit a lot, and it's a great statement bag. 


Inspired by the Queen of Hearts herself. Look at how cute that charm dangle is! 


The foldover bags have been super popular in the past, I believe they were last released with the Minnie/Mickey Colorblock collection. I love the card accents featuring characters, and the red trim ties it all together. There are two sizes which can be seen in the photos above and below. 


The foldover above is an amazing size. I think it would be great for an all day park bag, or even book bag as it's large and has plenty of room for anything you might need. You can see the smaller foldover in the photo below.  


This is one of my favorite pieces, the Streamline Wallet. You can read my review of the wallet here. It's so versatile, and this pattern is adorable in the style. 


Edited to add the SURPRISE BAG: The Marilyn!

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, there is one more style that Harveys will be announcing tomorrow as the collection launches. 

So now that you are excited for the launch tomorrow how about some tips on how to make sure you get everything you want as the collection launches.  

  • Go to ShopHarveys.com and set up an account
  • Make sure you are logged in and ready to go before 8am PST
  • Have the website open and keep clicking that refresh button until 8am PST, when the items go live
  • Be quick! No time to worry about whether or not you need it! Buy first, ask questions later that's my motto. Nothing haunts you like the bags you didn't buy! 
  • If all else fails, check with some Harveys authorized retailers to see if they plan on getting stock. A lot of those shops take preorders and would be happy to help you out! You could also join a Facebook Group, like this one here, usually those ladies are awesome about sharing when they find items in stock again!  

Happy shopping!