Nicole Runs #6

Nicole Runs the Disney Princess Half

One year.  

A year ago we decided to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon, something I have had on my someday list for a long time. A year ago I got out and ran my first mile, maybe ever. It took me 18 min and I thought I was going to die but I kept going. 

I made a plan, and while I didn't always stick to it perfectly, I kept at it. In the summer I woke up early, I bundled up when it got cold, and I wore a rain jacket when it was raining. I went from someone who tried anything to get out of running the mile during gym class to someone who signed up and committed to running a half marathon. 

The past year I have worked just as hard mentally as I have physically to get where I am. I didn't let myself quit when I was too tired, or stop running before my interval was up no matter how much I wanted to.

In the spring I ran a 5k, it was the longest distance I had ever run. I was so nervous that I wouldn't have the strength to finish but I did.

In the fall I ran a 10k. Again, I had never tried to run for that long. I didn't know if I could do it but I did. 

Just last week Cameron and I headed to the park for our 10 mile run. My longest run to date. I really want the first time I complete 13.1 miles to be on race day!

My Cinderella inspired look for race day!

My Cinderella inspired look for race day!

Looking back I wouldn't have gotten this far without my team. Meghan and Jenn were the motivation I needed to keep going. Signing up for lots of little goals along the way kept me honest and confident. And hey the cute medals and a trip to Disney World didn't hurt either.

So here we are, driving down to Orlando and just a couple of days away from running 13.1 miles. Something that was only on my someday list last year is something I am getting ready to cross off. 

2016 Disney Princess Half Marathon Medal

I will have recap posts coming in the next weeks! You can follow along with me on snapchat, Instagram and Twitter this weekend!