Harveys 101 Dalmatians Collection

I am so excited to team up with Harveys today to share a little bit about their new collection! The 101 Dalmatians inspired collection will launch Monday, January 16th at 8am PST on ShopHarveys.com

Harveys 101 Dalmations Collection

In the photo above you can see the two tote styles. The girl on the left wearing the skirt is carrying the Medium Streamline tote, you can read more about that size bag in my review post here.

The tote on the right is the Mini Streamline which you can see being held by the girl on the right. It's just a little bit smaller, but both have a carry handle as well as a long removable strap.

101 Dalmations Bags

In the photo above you can see two more styles that will be released Monday, the Mini Foldover and the Streamline Wallet.

You can read my review of the Streamline Wallet in a previous post here. The Mini Foldover is the perfect size for daily essentials. I have this bag in the Alice Cards print and I find myself using it all the time. I mean how cute are the ear details on that bag.

The liner of the bags features a super cute 101 Dalmatians print, you can see a preview of that on in the skirt and headband being worn by the adorable models. The zippers on the bags also feature a cute 101 Dalmatians inspired dangle!

Harveys 101 Dalmations

I got a chance to see these bags in person when I visited the Harveys factory/shop in October and they are just as cute as they appear online.

One of my favorite things about Harveys is how durable and easy to clean they are. Don't let the white accents on this bag scare you from using it!

Keep in mind that the Harveys Disney collections often sell out quick! My tip is to create an account and be signed in and ready to shop.

What piece are you looking to add to your collection?