Disney Countdown

I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! One of the most exciting parts of a Disney Trip around here is the COUNTDOWN! Sometimes I love the planning (fastpasses, outfits, dining reservations) and counting down just as much as the trip.

I rearranged the Happily Ever Tees office a few weeks ago and decided to add my countdown into my regular decor.

It makes me happy to see it and I love texting my trip buddies little updates and countdowns to the trip.

So here is what is sitting on my countdown shelf:

The countdown sign is the smaller My Cinema Lightbox, I just have the basic letter and number set that comes with the board but they also sell a supplementary set that has some cute emojis, you can shop it here.

The Chip mug is from the Disney Store. I bought it in the parks, but it is also available here. The little cutie Beast and Belle inside was a gift from my good friend Jenn (@PBandJellyJenn) from Shanghai Disneyland. 

The Tsum Tsums on top of the sign are all from the Disney Store. Most of these are sold out or not available online, but I did find Daisy here!

Belle and Cogsworth are Funko Pops! My new obsession. You can find Cogsworth here, and Winter Belle here.

The shelf is from Ikea!

What is your favorite way to countdown to your trip?