Night Out at the Braves | Gluten Free at Suntrust Park

This week we played tourist in our city and spent the night at the new Suntrust Park to see the Braves play the Dodgers with our friends Meghan and Corey! I'm also excited to share some of the Gluten Free offerings at Suntrust Park further down in this post.

Suntrust Park

We parked in the lot near Cobb Galleria, Lot 60 South, which was listed as being a 5 min walk from the park. It was not. HOWEVER we got to walk across the $10 million 285 Pedestrian Bridge so that was pretty cool.

The live/work/play area they have created when you are approaching the stadium is really cool. Only some of the restaurants and shops have opened but by next season I would expect this to be pretty full.

That entire area can be accessed without a game ticket! In fact, by the time you go through the gate you are basically at the seats. Because of that, I think this would be a fun place to go for the night even if you don't plan on going into the game.

Epic Park Day

One of the biggest differences from Turner Field (besides the clean factor) is how OPEN Suntrust Park is. The photo above was taken right when you come in, where most of the main food kiosks are.

Epic Park Day

Cameron and I in our matching Epic Park Day tees, coming to Happily Ever Tees soon! These are a Royal Blue tee with Navy print and they are not only perfect for the parks but also to wear to the Ballpark like we did this week!

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Epic Park Day Look

Gluten Free offerings at Suntrust Park!

As always, I did some research before we went to the game to make sure there was something Cam and I could eat. I knew for sure there was a Gluten Free Hot Dog option at Centerfield Market.

This is basically a little shop with some prepackaged salads, ice cream, drinks and other snacks.

Inside they had a small Hot Dog cart with a sign that said Gluten Free Hot Dogs.

Gluten Free at Suntrust Park, Atlanta Braves

One of the employees came over, put gloves on, and got our Hot Dogs. The buns were individually wrapped and sealed. She opened the package and got a Hot Dog out of the warmer in the cart.

We also got some Crispin Cider, which is our favorite and we were so happy to see it there!

Gluten Free at Suntrust Park, Atlanta Braves
Gluten Free at Suntrust Park, Atlanta Braves

The Braves website mentions Fresh Cut Fries as a Gluten Free option but I didn't see any signage there. Cam asked the employee and she was very knowledgeable and that the fries are Gluten Free. They fry the fries in a dedicated fryer and they only salt them.

The fries were SO GOOD!

Gluten Free at Suntrust Park, Atlanta Braves

We also got some King of Pops, which we knew were Gluten Free from previous events (not all of their flavors are Gluten Free so I would double check before eating!)