The Purple Wall at Disney's Magic Kingdom

The Purple Wall at Disney's Magic Kingdom

This week we finally made it to Walt Disney World to visit the new Purple Wall at Magic Kingdom! I am a sucker for a good Instagram-able wall and this wall is Insta-perfection!

I had a few comments and questions about this wall on my Instagram so I thought I would work on a blog post all about where to find the Purple Wall and why I love the changes Disney made to it. 

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Where is the Purple Wall?

The Purple Wall is located inside Magic Kingdom. The easiest way to get there is to go up Main Street and take a left at the Plaza Restaurant. Then walk though the Tomorrowland Terrace area towards Tomorrowland.

Photo tip - the lighting was super good (minimal shadows) when Cam and I headed over there around 6pm. The photos I am sharing in this post have little to no editing. 

Why I love the changes: 

The colors used in the new design are so much better than the original Purple Wall. If you look back at those older Purple Wall photos you can see the shade wasn’t super flattering to take a photo in front of. (which is probably because Disney didn’t think there would be people lining up to take photos in front of a wall) The new colors used are so much better for taking photos in front of. 

Not a fan of the changes? As of right now, there is still a spot on the wall that is just straight up Purple no design at all so if you need to get your solid wall fix just step a little to the right of where I am in this photo.

Personally, I am really hoping tis wall is the sign of things to come in Tomorrowland! I can get on board with this geometric style and color pallet. 

Have any more questions about the Purple Wall? Ask them in the comments below and I will try to get them answered for you!