Gluten Free at Walt Disney World - California Grill Brunch


Now that we are Florida Locals, we are all about trying new things that we never had the chance to do before!

This dining experience took place on Sunday, April 15th 2018 and I am going to share my thoughts on the overall experinece as well as the food from a Gluten Free perspecitve.

California Grill is located at Disney's Contemporary Resort and they recently started offering Sunday Brunch.

Gluten Free at Walt Disney World - California Grill Brunch

Cameron and I have been to dinner there, so we knew a little bit of what to expect as far as service and ambiance. The views of the Magic Kingdom, and really all of Walt Disney World cannot be beat!

When making a reservation it's important to note if someone in your party has a food allergy. They will confirm this upon checking in for your reservation and your waiter be notified as well.

Disney is one of the best when it comes to food allergies, so we never worry about missing out on yummy things, or getting sick.

I have attached a photograph of the Allergy-Friendly Menu for California Grill Brunch below. The waiter also told us they could do the Blueberry Pancakes Gluten Free as well, even though it isn't noted on the menu.

The dining experience includes unlimited trips to the buffet, bottomless champagne, coffee and other beverages, an entree and dessert.

Gluten Free at Walt Disney World - California Grill Brunch

The first photo here shows one of my trips to the buffet, nearly all of the sushi is Gluten Free and we were provided Gluten Free Tamari sauce as well. Also shown on my plate is the Bacon and Egg Salad, Deviled Egg, Smoked Salmon, and the Gluten Free Cranberry Scone they offer.

Gluten Free at Walt Disney World - California Grill Brunch
Gluten Free at Walt Disney World - California Grill Brunch

Cameron ordered the Steak and Eggs, and I ordered the Blueberry Pancakes as our entrees. We loved them both! I will say these are by far the best blueberry pancakes I have ever had. The vanilla custard, which is underneath the blueberry topping, was my favorite part.

Then, as if we weren't stuffed enough they brought out dessert. Typically from what we saw other tables getting the dessert is basically a tower of sweets. Since our table had a couple of different food allergies going on, they brought us out our own desserts.

Gluten Free at Walt Disney World - California Grill Brunch

Cameron and I were given a flour-less chocolate cake with a berry compote on top. As well as a panacotta with the same compote on top. This was probably the least impressive part of the meal, but honestly we were so full it didn't matter too much.

Overall thoughts:

The cost of this dining experience is $80 per person. Based on that alone, I personally would reserve this only for special occasions. While I do think it's worth the cost, especially when you consider the ambiance, quality of the food and bottomless champagne, it's just not something that it going to be in the budget for most people to do often!

If you are thinking about including as a part of a future trip to Walt Disney World, I would suggest picking a non-park day. You aren't going to want to rush though brunch. California Grill has a beautiful observation deck that overlooks the Magic Kingdom. When you dine at California Grill, no matter what time you dine there, you can come back and watch Magic Kingdom fireworks from the observation deck as long as you bring your reciept.

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