Gluten Free at Walt Disney World - Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar & Restaurant

Gluten Free at Walt Disney World - Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar & Restaurant

It's time for another Gluten Free at Walt Disney World review. Now that we are locals, we hope to add more and more of these to the blog.

I know it was such a help for me when planning trips to figure out where to go and where not to go, so I want to pass that along to you guys as well.

Today is a dining review of a new restaurant at Disney Springs.

Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar & Restaurant

Location - This restaurant is located in The Landing section of Disney Springs, close to the Aerophile Balloon Ride. It's kind of hard to find unless you are looking for it. It's literally a tunnel under Maria & Enzo's.

Atmosphere - The restaurant really pretty, it features an open kitchen. You can see the meat and cheeses in glass door fridges that show into the dining area. We were a large party so we were seated at this really pretty long table in the center. Enzo's is more of a bar/lounge than a restaurant and you have to be 21+ after 10pm. They also started live music around that time as well.

They have an extensive drink menu, which is on the back of this and some featured drinks. I had the Housemade Lemonade and Cam tried the Luciano Spritz. We both liked what we got!

Gluten Free at Walt Disney World - Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar & Restaurant

As far as the Gluten Free dining options, they list that they have Gluten Free pasta on the menu. To be totally honest the waitress seemed less than enthusiastic to give us more options besides pasta.

I had to ask a couple of times what are some other things we could get. Like I mentioned before we were with a large group of people and I didn't want to delay everyone too much, so we stuck with what she was comfortable with and she was sure would be safe for us to eat.

We ended up deciding to order the Salumi e Formaggi and a pasta to share.

First the Salumi e Formaggi came out. The only difference between our order and our friends was that we didn't get bread sticks.

This entire plate was delicious but it's a lot of food. At dinner this costs $17/person, and you have to order for a minimum of 2 people. This was $34 of meat and cheese. I would say if you were sharing it with 4-5 people it would be a good appetizer to go with, but it was a lot for two people.

SIDE NOTE - There is a server who comes around during the meal and gives everyone a piece of bread. This person is not your main server and may not be aware of your food allergy! I caught it the first time, but the second time she placed the bread on top of Cam's plate which had Salami on it. I told her again that we had an allergy and didn't want the bread. She apologized and a friend ate that piece of Salami that she had set the bread on.

Next our entrees came out! We ordered the Bucatini alla Carbonara with Gluten Free pasta. There were some other entrees we could have gotten as well, basically any of the entrees that didn't include something with breading, and also the meatballs were off limits.

another SIDE NOTE some one else in our party got the Scallops, and they looked so amazing. I would for sure try them if we go again.

OK back to the pasta. The Gluten Free Penne was cooked perfectly! We choose this pasta dish in particular because neither one of us had ever had it before. I am part Italian and when you have an Italian grandma, it's really hard to order anything with red sauce and not compare it to hers so I usually stay away from that. The flavors of the sauce and black pepper were great. In general this is a super heavy dish, Cam and I didn't finish it even sharing.

Overall Thoughts - While the food was good, and Cam didn't get sick or glutened (even with the bread on the plate drama I talked about earlier) I don't know if we will be back unless someone we are with really has their heart set on going there. It's not that we didn't like it, but we didn't LOVE it, and we have so many other places at Disney Springs that we love to go.

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