Disney Villains After Hours Review

This week I had the opportunity to attend the very first ever Disney Villains After Hours event at the Magic Kingdom. Thank you to Disney for providing tickets for Cam and I to enjoy!

In this post I am going to give you the run down of the event, what to wear, who this event would be perfect for, how it compares to the original Disney After Hours, and some final thoughts on the event itself!


Disney Villains After Hours Event

Disney Villains After Hours is a special ticketed event which means it is not included in your park admission for the day.

Disney Villains After Hours ticket cost:

  • $139 + tax / advance purchase adult or child ticket price

  • $144 + tax / day of adult or child ticket price


  • $109 + tax for Annual Passholders and DVC Members

Here’s what’s included in your Disney Villains After Hours ticket:

  • Admission to the park beginning at 7pm, the event itself takes place between 10pm - 1am.

  • Access to over 20 popular Magic Kingdom attractions

    • Space Mountain & Pirates of the Caribbean have villain-inspired surprises!

    • Because there are a limited amount of tickets sold each night, wait times are very very low for most of the night.

  • Villains Unite the Night stage show

    • This stage show happens in front of Cinderella Castle. There are three showing nightly.

    • The length of the show is 25 min, so keep that in mind when planning your night.

  • Experience Maleficent wandering the park

    • She makes her rounds 3 times during the night, this was a highlight for me!

  • Unlimited bottled drinks, popcorn, and ice cream treats!

Here’s what is an additional cost during the event:

  • Special themed treats like Yzma’s Llama Poison and Zurg’s Noodles.

  • Themed event merchandise.

Yzma’s Llama Potion - you can get this at the Cool Ship in Tomorrowland

Yzma’s Llama Potion - you can get this at the Cool Ship in Tomorrowland

What do I wear to Disney Villains After Hours?

Costumes are allowed at this event! If you plan to dress in costume, make sure you check Disney’s costume guidelines here. Of course you don’t have to dress up. A lot of guests were in Villain inspired tees, I put together a Queen of Hearts inspired Disneybound for the event.

Queen of Hearts Disneybound

Queen of Hearts Disneybound

Disney Villains After Hours vs Disney After Hours

I got a lot of questions about what makes this event different than the original After Hours events. Especially since Disney Villains After Hours is more expensive. If you have never done Disney After Hours, make sure you read over this post here.

How Disney Villains After Hours differs from Disney After Hours:

  • Special photo backdrops and magic shots

  • Villains Unite the Night stage show

  • Villainous additions to Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Themed snacks and merchandise for purchase

  • DJ Dance party in front of the castle

  • Villain inspired projections on the Castle and throughout the park

  • Maleficent in dragon form wandering the park

  • You can dress up, just make sure you follow Disney’s costume guidelines

Maleficent making her rounds at Disney Villains After Hours

Maleficent making her rounds at Disney Villains After Hours

The Jafar segment of the Villains Unite the Night Stage Show!

The Jafar segment of the Villains Unite the Night Stage Show!

Should I buy a ticket to Disney Villains After Hours?

The ticket for Disney Villains After Hours isn’t exactly cheap. With tax, and without any discounts the admission is almost $150 per person (more than Magic Kingdom park admission most days). For 6 hours of total park time including a 3 hour event. So I really gave some thought to this question.

To be totally honest, I don’t think Cam and I would have purchased a ticket to attend this event ourselves (and we love After Hours) because we are not really big Villain fans. I think that would be important to fully enjoy the event.

I think the night could be a little scary for kids. In fact, when I was doing research for this post I noticed that Disney labels this event as good for teens and adults. The original After Hours events are labeled as for all ages. I think that gives you a pretty good idea that it may be too intense for younger kids.

While I don’t think this event is a MUST DO for everyone …

Here’s who I think would really enjoy this event:

  • The Villain obsessed (especially Hercules fans!)

  • Disney parks goers who have “done it all” and are looking for something new and fun to try!

If you are looking for a relaxed park experience filled with snacks and low wait times but don’t care so much about the Villains, I would recommend sticking with the original Disney After Hours event.

We need more Bowler Hat guy in our lives!

We need more Bowler Hat guy in our lives!

Final Thoughts

You can tell Disney has put a lot into this event, especially with the entertainment and special projections that are featured throughout the park. However, I do think the event could be improved by adding Villain meet and greets.

On the way out of the park they had some Villains interacting with guests from the train station (the Stepsisters, Stepmother, Bowler Hat Guy, Gaston and more). I would have loved to get some photos with them, or even interact with them more. Even though Disney makes it clear in the marketing for this event there will be no meet and greets, I saw a few confused families looking for Villains to meet.

I hope this event leads to more themed nights like it at Walt Disney World!

Have questions? You can drop a comment on this post, or send me an email. I would be happy to help you out!

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