Our Day on Batuu - Galaxy's Edge Trip Report

Last week we had the opportunity to visit Batuu, Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge, during a special Annual Passholder preview. I thought since our experience likely won’t be the same as what guests will experience after Galaxy’s Edge opens later this week I would share this as more of a trip report style post.

Our Day on Batuu Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Our day began early, we were in the first group of the day. We were able to be in the land for 4 hours. As a group we had a few things we really were excited to do.

  • Explore Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

  • Ride Smuggler’s Run

  • Grab Drinks at Oga’s Cantina

  • Try the Snacks! (Blue Milk, Green Milk, Popcorn)

  • and Build a Driod

I am happy to report we were able to do all of this, we even got to ride Smuggler’s Run twice, in the time allotted for our preview.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

As you can imagine, the land itself is larger than life. When I had a chance to speak with one of the Imagineers who worked on the project last month, he told us this land is laid out like no other. While most theme park lands will either be laid out hub and spoke style (think Cinderella Castle and the lands coming off of it) this land is laid out so you have to explore to find the hidden gems.

You don’t even see the Millennium Falcon right when you enter Batuu. If you are a Star Wars fan at all, the impressiveness of this land will make your geeky heart happy. If you aren’t a fan, get ready because after seeing Batuu you will want to binge every episode.

The first thing we did after entering Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge was ride Smuggler’s Run.

I think the queue for Smuggler’s Run is as special as the ride itself. It truly feels like you are boarding the Millennium Falcon.

As for the ride, as many other bloggers and writers have shared - your experience is as good as your pilots. Our first mission we had an older couple as pilots of the ship. They did fine, but they weren’t really having fun. Some of the jobs you could be assigned were a little on the boring side, especially the engineer. When you are assigned this position you don’t have a great view and you don’t have much to do. With that being said, I still think this ride is a must do BECAUSE OF THE QUEUE even if you have a boring job aboard the Falcon you’re still on the MILLENNIUM FALCON.

Motion sickness warning - I get very sick on Star Tours and I was able to ride Smuggler’s Run twice with minimal issues. I didn’t feel awesome after but it didn’t knock me out for the whole day. When I started to feel a little sick I just looked away from the screen for a bit until it passed.

Perfect spots for photos in Galaxy’s Edge are easy to find!

OK time for something only people like me will understand when visiting some place new. Where are we going to get a photo. I can tell you right now in Batuu it’s hard to take a bad photo. There are corners and doors and Star Wars aesthetic things all over the place.

The lighting got a little harsh on the Falcon the closer to noon it got (Batuu has 3 suns you know) but they do keep it pretty clear (aside from one very long photopass line) and easy to get the dream shot!

Both of the photos below were taken to the RIGHT of the photopass photographer, of course with permissioin and making sure we weren’t ruining anyone else’s photo moment.

Batuu Photo
Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Oga’s Cantina - One and done?

I want to preface this by saying Cam and I don’t typically like to spend our money on drinks. The Cantina was super fun, DJ Rex is adorable and of course I had to get my Porg Mug but I really don’t know if we have any reason to go back.

We ended up spending about $55 with tip (the drink that came with my Porg mug was $35) and that’s just not something we can do on a regular basis. I think it might be fun to head back with friends to show it to them for their first time, but for just me and Cam I don’t think we will be regulars.

DJ Rex at Oga's Cantina

The Oga’s Cantina breakfast menu is below. Yes we did Oga’s at 9:15am before we ate anything else. We were living our best Batuu life.

The Cliff Dweller drink was very good and the mug is surprisingly excellent quality. The bottom says Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge 1st Edition on it.

Porg Mug from Oga's Cantina

Droid Depot fun!

Next up we headed to the Droid Depot for Cate to build her dream purple BB unit! The experience runs you about $100, you pay for it before you begin the process of building your droid. This was a super fun experience. I love that you had just enough to do to feel part of the process but not too much that you would get overly frustrated or it would take a long time.

I do think for $100 the process could have been a little more magical, but I am going to give the team a pass here since they JUST opened.

Droid Depot

I am kind of hoping Disney plans on introducing some new colors to the line up here. Fingers crossed for a Mustard Yellow BB coming to a Batuu near you.

Lunch time at Docking Bay 7, maybe our new favorite quick service at Disney.

As most of you guys know Cam has a Gluten Intolerance so we eat Gluten Free Disney is always so awesome about handing allergies and Docking Bay 7 is no exception. We tried both lunch entrees and loved them both. You can read more about the Allergy Menu for Docking Bay 7 and a full review of our meals here.

The Marketplace is filled with unique merchandise but it feels a little crowded.

I get that they want this area to feel like a true Marketplace, and it really really does. I just don’t know how it is going to handle the crowds when they come flooding in later this week.

What I love about it though is it truly feels like you are shopping in a small town’s gift shops.

Plush Ewok Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Last but not least all the snacks! Blue Milk vs Green Milk.

I don’t know who is out here spreading the lies that the milk is not good. Cam and I both loved it and agreed we would come to Galaxy’s Edge just to get it. We thought both milks were great, Cam loved the blue slightly more and I am slightly on team green milk.

The popcorn we felt was just OK. The food coloring gets all over your fingers in the heat, and I kind of wish it had a little MORE heat to it. This is another one of those things that we are glad we tried once but probably won’t be back for.

After this the heat started getting to us. The Cast Members will remind you Batuu has 3 suns and boy do you feel all of them.

I can’t wait to go back to Batuu when it’s a little cooler this Fall!