The Best Character Experience at Animal Kingdom

The Best Character Experience at Animal Kingdom

It's no secret that Dinoland USA (located inside Disney's Animal Kingdom) has my heart, even before they added new character experiences for the summer. Now, I think it has to be on everyone's must do list for this summer in the parks!

Every single character we met had fun and amazing interactions. They took time with the kids in our group, danced around and as you can see - they loved my backpack!

Scrooge McDuck Meet and Greet at Animal Kingdom

We've not been to Animal Kingdom in the morning since these meet and greets began, so we made a special trip to visit them today.

My experience took place June 21st, 2018 - so if you are planning to add this to your trip or visit to Animal Kingdom make sure you double check your times guides to see when these guys are meeting. As far as I know, these characters will be here thorough the summer. 

Donald's Dino Bash has brought a bunch of classic characters together, and they are all meeting in Dinoland USA.

The Best Character Experience at Animal Kingdom

First we met Scrooge McDuck. I love his little area. It's filled with dino artifacts from his explorations.

Next up we went to meet Goofy. We got in line just as he was "going to check on the rest of the party" and so we had to wait a little extra for him. We didn't mind at all because when he came back he brought Pluto with him!

I am not sure why Pluto joined Goofy here, but no complaints here! They did a little interpretive dance to Smash Mouth when "Hey Now" came and it was just the cutest thing ever. 

I love how they made their ears to be like mine!

The Best Character Experience at Animal Kingdom

Next up was the moment I have been waiting for, I finally got to meet the cutest Chimpmuck-o-saurus! They loved my Winne the Pooh backpack and they were trying to check it for nuts.

Chip and Dale's line was by far the longest. Not only are they the cutest they also took so much time with each family.

Dino Chimpmunk Meet and Greet
Chip and Dale Meet and Greet Animal Kingdom

The Chimpmunks and Daisy meet out in the open, while Goofy, Scrooge, Launchpad and Donald all meet under over hangs.


  • Chip & Dale's line was by far the longest. I have also heard that because of this they cut the line off early. If you can, make this your first stop of the day.
  • Chip & Dale and Daisy are kind of hidden, they are on a path near the Dinosaur ride.
  • The morning light in most of these locations will be really nice for photos, especially if it's a little overcast.
  • The other characters had decent but pretty fast moving lines.
  • If they meet under an overhang, that means they will continue to meet even if it's raining. Daisy and Chip & Dale both meet out in the open and they will pull them right inside if it starts to drizzle.
  • EVERYONE goes inside if it starts thundering

I can't wait to go back to Dinoland to meet the rest of the crew!