Disney's Villains x Harveys Collection

Disney's Villains x Harveys Collection is almost here, and I am so happy to be able to share some of the details with you.

The collection featured four Villains including Malificent, Cruella, Evil Queen, and Ursula.

I am totally in love with the colors featured in this collection. The Villains print which is featured in this post will be available in five silhouettes.

You may have seen the Mini Streamline which Harveys teased on their Instagram here. (side note: the Mini Streamline is my favorite everyday bag/park bag size, you can read a review of this size bag here)

Two more of the items that will feature the Villains print in this post, including the Coin Purse and the Wallet!

Harveys x Disney Villians Wallet

Harveys also announced an all new Silhouette, the Wanderer. It looks like this bag will be the perfect size for a weekend getaway and I can't wait to get my hands on it. They also announced that this is one of two all new silhouettes for Harveys.

If you are keeping count that means this Villains print will be released in one other style, keep checking Harveys Instagram, or sign up for their emails to see what that might be!

Each Villain will have it's own Collector Series bag. They shared the Ursula Collector Bag on Instagram earlier this week, check it out here. They will be teasing another Collector Bag in this collection on Friday evening so make sure you are checking their Instagram for updates!

The Collector Series bags are EXCLUSIVE to Harveys, and will not be sold at any other retailers. They are also super limited. Each Collector Series bag comes with a unique charm, which you may have seen them tease on Instagram.

Ready to get your hands on this evil collection? They will be released at the Harveys x Disney's Villains Event on Saturday September 16th. If you are a California Local you can find all of the info on that event here. My friends at Harveys have told me there will be a special surprise for those who can attend the event! (you can put this on the growing list of reasons why I want to move to SOCAL)

Harveys x Disney Villians

For everyone else, the collection will be available Monday September 25th at 8am Pacific Time.