Gluten Free at Walt Disney World - Geyser Point


Geyser Point Bar & Grill is located at Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort. It's semi-outdoor quick service dining location and one of our favorite places to stop on Disney Property!

I call it semi-outdoor because it's an open air restaurant but since it's by the lake, it's not uncomfortable even on a hot summer day. The only issue is sometimes Florida rain is sideways and no overhang can protect you then!

The menu features what I would call bar or pub food, and lots of yummy drinks - but we go for the burgers and fries!

You used to walk up and seat yourself here, but the recently switched to waiting to be seated by a hostess.

PRO TIP - if it's a rare cool night in Orlando, they have a nice fire and even blankets for you!

There are so many options for burgers and fries at Disney BUT to us these are the best. Not only are the burgers always perfectly cooked, but the fries are waffle cut fries that are seasoned so well and sprinkled with cheddar cheese.

Gluten Free at Walt Disney World

I don't have a photo of the menu, but most of the sandwiches can be made gluten free, and the fries made are in a dedicated fryer.

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