We're Doomed. A look at the Harveys x Star Wars Collection!

WE’RE DOOMED. My favorite C3PO quote and my actual words when the Harveys told me they were working on a collection with Lucas Film Inspired by Star Wars.

Lucas Film and Harveys have come together to form the ultimate alliance! Based on the hit 1977 movie that took the galaxy by storm, this Star Wars collection has it all!

I am so happy to preview a bit of the collection here with you. This piece was sent to my by Harveys, to share in announcing the new release with you. Keep reading for a detailed look at the piece I was sent, as well as more information about the release.

Introducing the C3PO inspired Hip Pack!

You already know I love a hip pack. You can wear this cutie as a Crossbody, Shoulder Bag, Clutch (YES IT HAS A CLICK AND GO) or Hip Pack!

Harveys x Star Wars C3PO Hip Pack

The bag features a fully embroidered front complete with a metallic shine. I love that this bag shows off C3PO’s exposed wiring. The back of the bag is solid black belts. The long strap and click and go are also solid black belts.

Harveys x Star Wars C3PO Hip Pack

The lining on this Hip Pack is a special Star Wars inspired lining, it’s black with ships and little PEW PEWs, so perfect. I will be showing more during an Instagram LIVE coming up, make sure you are following me on Instagram so you don’t miss that!

Harveys x Star Wars C3PO Hip Pack

In addition to the Click and Go strap, the Hip Pack has a Star Wars x Harveys hang tag, and a gold charm that is inspired by C3PO’s chest plate.

As I mentioned before the Hip Pack silhouette from Harveys is one of my favorites because for me it is extremely versatile. With slots for your cards (or annual pass), room for your phone, keys and a lip gloss it works perfectly inside a larger bag and then as a grab and go for when you don’t need the huge backpack.

Harveys x Star Wars C3PO Hip Pack

With this C3PO Hip Pack I was able to put together a cute date night look inspired by the film series that I love, Star Wars. I think everyone who loves the Star Wars franchise has a special story that connects them even more to the films.

In the 90’s during a theatrical rerelease, my Dad took me to see it at the big movie theater at the Mall. I wrote all about it in my journal in school the next day. The entry included a photo of us in our seats while STAR WARS was up on the screen. Because my Dad loved these movies, he made sure we did too, and when the new ones began coming out my Brother was the perfect age to fall in love with young Anakin Skywalker and Jar Jar Binks.

As an adult, when The Force Awakens was released, we traveled to surprise our Star Wars loving friend on opening night.

Being a fan who not only loves these characters, but loves the memories attached to them I am totally over the (that’s no) MOON excited for this

Harveys x Star Wars C3PO Hip Pack

HARVEYS X STAR WARS release info:

The in-store release of this collection will be on 5/4 (May the 4th...be with you) You can find more information on the in-store release and RSVP for it here.

If you can’t make it to the store on release day, never fear the online release will be on 5/6 at 8 AM PST.