Simple Bag Organization

Today I am sharing my simple bag organization project I put together last year. The first time I shared this in a post on Instagram I got a ton of questions on it and it actually ended up being one of my top posts of 2017!

I wanted to figure out a way to store my bags, backpacks and purse charms in a way that I got to see them everyday (because come on they are so cute) but also something that got them out of the pile they had become in my closet.

The best part is this bag storage/organization project costs LESS THAN $10!

The rail is from Ikea, you can purchase a similar one here. It looks like the exact rail I have in the photo isn't available online - but the one linked is the same price. These rails work with these S Hooks they sell in packs of 5. You can find those here.

When Cam mounted the rack, he made sure to anchor the screws so if you plan on hanging a lot of weight on it - make sure you do that!

I have all of my bag charms, and purses with non-removable straps hanging on the hooks. If the straps are removable I just hook those right on to the bar itself.

Simple Bag Organization
Simple Purse Storage Organization

Questions about this project? Send me an email or comment below!