Sunday Lately Week 65

It's Sunday! Time to link up with the Blogger Tribe for Sunday Lately.  



what seemed to be one of the longest weeks ever. I posted a little bit about it on my Instagram account on Friday.  

Just one of those weeks that life keeps throwing some additional curves at you. We made it through to the other side and I am looking forward to April! 


the GF & AF Expo next weekend in Atlanta as one of their official bloggers! Read more about it in this post here, and enter to win tickets as well!  



As a small business owner who also enjoys their occasional day off it's something I am constantly reminding myself. 


some posts that I am ... 


the post that I am writing. I love working with brands and sharing my opionons on products I love. There are a lot of good posts coming up soon! 

Atlanta Braves Star Wars Night 2015

We had a blast this weekend at the Atlanta Braves Star Wars Night. I also got to check out some of the Gluten Free options at Turner Field. 

We purchased a special event ticket for Star Wars night that got us a discounted ticket, a limited edition Star Wars night bobble head, the ability to participate in an on field costume parade, and included a donation to Stand Up 2 Cancer.


At the entrance to Turner Field - Cameron showing his #BravesCountry pride, and me rocking my Star Wars tank I posted about on the blog last week

This was the other half of my Tyler's graduation present, and my Dad joined us as well. My Dad is where we get our Star Wars nerdy side from. I have a very vivid memory of him taking me to see A New Hope for the 1997 theatrical re-release. 


Along with the special music and themed fireworks, they had character meet and greats around Turner Field's entrance. The longest lines were for Chewy, Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers. I heard Princess Leia and R2D2 were also meeting, but we didn't see them. 

I was surprised at how ALL OUT these characters were. They weren't just party city costumes, these were the real deal.

Thanks to some research I knew that Turner Field had a Gluten Free kiosk. I was really excited about this because the few other sporting events we have been too since Cameron's gluten allergy we had little to no options.

The food is prepared ahead of time, in a safe environment. There isn't a risk of cross-contamination because there is no other food available at this location.

Cameron tried the turkey club and I got a hot dog. We were both really impressed with the buns that they use! My hot dog was your basic baseball game hot dog, I thought it was really good. Cameron's sandwich was also great. Lots of turkey, the tomatoes were fresh and as you can see there were 2 giant pieces of bacon. 

The only options for sides were chips and a cookie. I went with the chips because I was saving myself for a King of Pops treat later (they usually have a few GF options to choose from, all the ingredients/allergy info are on the labels)! 


After dinner it was time for the game to start!

The game started and it carried on the Star Wars theme with some fun character appearances on the field as the players were introduced. 

All of the Phillie's players were assigned villainous characters to come up on the big screen when they were introduced, and they had photographed the Braves player's dressed as Jedi's to introduce them.


The Braves won, and all was right in the galaxy. 

It was time to end the night with Friday Night Fireworks which were going to be extra special because they had set them to the Star Wars soundtrack.


We had an awesome time and I would recommend checking out this event, I believe they do it every year to any baseball/Star Wars fan!