Sunday Lately Week 67

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I have been doing a ton of work this week. Totally filling my week in every sense of the word. I am SUPER proud of myself because I have been blogging so much this week! Be sure to check out Friday's post for an amazing LulaRoe review and giveaway.



All the hard work that my husband does for the business. And that he took care of the taxes so I didn't have to look at numbers.  


Some fun Save The Dates for some friends who are getting married, and some Graduation invites for a friend. It feels good to be designing invites again! 


The Bare Necessities. This is a hint for a post I have coming up on Monday as well as me just being so excited for the new Jungle Book to come out. The score that's in the commercial is my jam right now. (And yes that is my inner nerd coming out)   


Well I am not expecting but my cousin's wife is! I am so excited to celebrate their baby girl at her shower next weekend. 


Sunday Lately Week 65

It's Sunday! Time to link up with the Blogger Tribe for Sunday Lately.  



what seemed to be one of the longest weeks ever. I posted a little bit about it on my Instagram account on Friday.  

Just one of those weeks that life keeps throwing some additional curves at you. We made it through to the other side and I am looking forward to April! 


the GF & AF Expo next weekend in Atlanta as one of their official bloggers! Read more about it in this post here, and enter to win tickets as well!  



As a small business owner who also enjoys their occasional day off it's something I am constantly reminding myself. 


some posts that I am ... 


the post that I am writing. I love working with brands and sharing my opionons on products I love. There are a lot of good posts coming up soon! 

Sunday Lately Week 63

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone remembered to Spring forward and drink all the coffee. I know we did! 

Join me every Sunday for the Sunday Lately link up brought to you by blogger tribe. Prompts for the following week will always be at the bottom of the post. If you are a blogger we would love to have you join! 

Let's get to this weeks prompts!


A schedule for us this week! It's been helping me to take some time to plan out the week on Sunday's. Of course things always come up but it is nice to have an outline!


Cute KATE SPADE Minnie items like this Laptop sleeve. It's the last day to save 25% on anything Kate Spade using the code PURPOSE.


Winter sweaters for shorts? Why do we never have spring in Georgia? I feel like it goes from freezing to HOT.  


To clean the house, it's pretty much the story of my life recently. And laundry who has time for laundry?  


All the yummies that my friends are munching on at Epcot's Flower and Garden festival. Hello frushi and violet lemonade.  

Sunday Lately 57


a lot of lettering with my fresh new pens. 


My favorite are the Tombow, dual brush pens.  I have found that working on my lettering really calms me down and is a good way to let my creative juices flow.

As much as I like to pretend I sit at my desk designing all day, 90% of my job is social media, paper work, ordering things and packing up orders. 


my girls Meghan and Jenn, as well as Cam. Without their support and motivation, I wouldn't be anywhere near ready for the Disney Princess Half and I probably wouldn't have even signed up to be honest.  

I just looked back at my runs in RunKeeper and I have logged nearly 200 miles this year! 


Some new tees so we have fresh designs to take on our trip for photos next month! 


I've been working on my Spotify playlist, especially for race day which is exactly 3 weeks from today. 

I am throwing some classic Disney songs into my usually TSwift, Macklemore mix inspired by my Disney race! 


to get some more info regarding said race this week. They haven't announced corals or shown any photos of the official merch. I will be stalking my computer until then.

Sunday Lately Week 54

Welcome to Sunday Lately, a weekly link up hosted by Blogger Tribe.

It's been a busy week, what else is new. This week has been filled with running, work and actually putting up blog posts YAY so I can't complain too much. 

Let's jump right into today's post, we would love to have you join us, just add your link to our post below.


The Happily Ever Tees website and logo. It needed a fresh look and style with the new year and new direction that the business is moving.

I tossed the orchid for an aqua that is the color of my walls and changed the white to black. I think it makes it pop, especially on the website. I always feel inspired to change things up when I need to order business cards or stickers.

I also have been adding review pages and more things to update our customer experience. Building a website is no joke hard work, but I am so proud of it.


Hey remember that time I signed up for a half marathon? Back in February I made the decision along with some of my favorite Princesses and my very own Prince Charming. 

I posted earlier this week a Nicole Runs update, I am so proud of how far I have come. Be sure to check out the previous running updates here and here too.



All the coffee all week long. When ever we are busy or go out of town we get ourselves used to like double the amount of coffee we are used to.

We recently tossed our Keurig and decided to use a french press. It takes a little bit longer to make but the taste is so worth it. 


Lots of running clothes! And layering up! It's been cold and I have to buckle down on my running before my Half Marathon I posted about Friday!

See yesterday's post about all my favorite running things right now!  


Content with the mess that is my house and life right now. Literal mess. Ever since we got these new floors, which I LOVE, the house has been a big fat mess. 

We contained the mess to one room. 

Fingers crossed we can get to Ikea and get a garage sale together and SOON or I will for sure go crazy.

Summer Plans

Blogging along with Angelica, Katy and Meghan today for the final week of Blogger, May I. Today's prompt was to share our plans for the summer.


Summer's are so much different when you are an adult. When you are a kid, your entire year is spent just waiting for SUMMER. You dreamed of summer days filled with nothing but cannon ball contests and popsicles. Now, as an adult, it's the hot time of year you have to stay inside and work like every other day of the year.

Or do you?

Part of the fun of owning your own business is that you can work whenever you want to. So this summer Cam and I have decided to make an effort to use the neighborhood pool more. No joke, I think we went a total of 2 times last year. Cameron's sister and our nieces and nephew like to come over and use it at least once a week, and I am excited to join them some more.

Of course that means new swim suits. I love Aerie for stuff like that. I have this top, and these bottoms on their way to me now. I'm also loving this, and this super cute flamingo float.

As always you have your summer basics like conventions, weddings, and graduation parties. Our calendar is totally full for basically the entire month of June! 

We are going to try and head to see Cam's family in Florida, and get at least a day or two in at the beach. It's nice to have family that live on just the other side of the highway from my happy place. We are also hoping to be able to go see my grandparents in NY after my grandpa is recovering from his surgery in the next couple of weeks. 

On a work related note, we are adding a few new things to the DBN studio here, I can't wait to share more on all the new products and changes that will come along with that.

All in all I think we have a schedule packed with plenty of work and fun! Do you have anything exciting planned for the summer?