Sunday Lately Week 60

As this post is going live we will be almost finished with our first HALF MARATHON. The Disney Princess Half Marathon.

So this post is past Nicole writing about future Nicole's first half marathon.



our first half marathon (like right now)!!!!! Queue all the confetti and all that fun stuff. Minnie and Mickey will be there to congratulate me at the finish line along with our family, and friends that we trained with and are running with us!


Epcot right after this!

We have lunch planned with the Princesses at the Norway pavilion, and I can't wait to show off my shiny medal!


YOU CAN DO IT, or at least Cameron is saying this to me over and over today. He is an awesome motivator.


This post a few days in the future so I hope all of the things I am talking about actually happen, haha!


Everything is all scheduled for the trip, after the race is done it's time to sit back and enjoy the rest of the trip!

Nicole Runs #5 + Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15k

We are officially 25 days away from the DISNEY PRINCESS HALF MARATHON. I wanted to do a quick running check in and a recap of the Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15k/5k.

Nicole Runs the Disney Princess Half

When I drafted this post I intended to tell you all about how I totally rocked the Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15k.

Then winter happened.

The closer we got to race day, the more sure I became that we were going to freeze our butts off. With a winter storm just days before, and a foretasted wind chill at 15* they decided to implement the cold weather plan. 

This meant that if you couldn't maintain under a 13 min/mile pace, you would be moved to the 5k course (the previous required pace was 15 min/mile). In all of my training I have gotten from +17 min/mile pace down to a solid 14:10 min/mile pace but there was no way I was going to shatter my personal best and PR in a race that was happening on the coldest day of the year with some serious wind and Atlanta hills to tackle.

When we walked down to the staging areas, there was a stage where they had a Zumba instructor getting everyone warmed up before the race and a single space heater that had about 20 people stuffed inside a bus stop looking thing. Oh and about 100 port-a-potties. That was good news for me because I never had to wait very long to take a pee break!

Our crew before we headed to the corals. My friend Melanie, my sister in law Jenn and her friend Danielle!

Our crew before we headed to the corals. My friend Melanie, my sister in law Jenn and her friend Danielle!

It was my first experience with corals and more than like 100 people participating in a race.

It was my first experience with corals and more than like 100 people participating in a race.

Getting ready to cross the marshmallow starting line.

Getting ready to cross the marshmallow starting line.

We headed to our corals and there was some (read: mass) confusion. I think we ended up in the right spot. There was lots of yelling and we couldn't really hear the announcer.

I got off to a pretty slow start. I don't know if it was the cold or what but I would say about 90% of the people in our coral were walkers who didn't know how to stay to a slow side. By the time I found my pace, we hit a BIG hill. Between the hills and the fact that I was worried about how quickly one might get frostbite being out in freezing temps, I wasn't running my best. 

By the time we got to mile 2, and it was clear they weren't going to let us to the 15k I kicked my butt into gear and ran the rest of the way to make up some time.

I think in the confusion of everything, my time didn't get recorded for the 5k, but according to my apple watch I accomplished what I wanted, a sub 45 min 5k time.

Once we crossed the finish, we were handed water - which was FREEZING as I was drinking it. Then I went to get my medal. Even though we didn't get to complete the 15k, everyone who signed up for it was still given their finisher medals.


Which I was happy for because it may or may not have been the reason I signed up.


I met up with Melanie and we pretend to eat our shiny chocolate medals before heading off to get in line to get our finisher mugs.

FINALLY I am a happy camper because I have my chocolate. Not pictured the sugar coma that followed.


Overall, it was colder than it was fun. I think the winter weather plan kind of threw everyone off. It was my first time experiencing corals and a large number of people so I am glad I got to see how that all works before we head to Disney! AHHH.

I'm headed out now to finish up my miles so I can feel proud displaying my medal! Have you ever done a Hot Chocolate race?

Nicole Runs #3 - June Update

Since the beginning of this year I have been training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2016 [Part 1 and 2 of Nicole Runs]


Since I began my running journey at the end of January I have logged about 50 miles, and got my average pace down to 14:27 from 16:45. Not too bad! I ran a 5k, and learned a lot. June is almost over and tomorrow we are going to pay money to commit to running 13.1 miles. Scary stuff for a girl who always wimped out on gym class.

Here are some things that I have learned over the last few months that might help beginning runners like me.

Having a SET goal helps.

I learned this the hard way. Yes, since the beginning the goal has been to run the Disney Princess half-marathon in February 2016. But with that being over a year away at the time I started my training I knew I would need smaller goals along the way. 

I signed up for, and completed my first race, a 5k. The cutie in purple next to me is Meghan from Hayes Days, she's part of our Disney running team!


Having the 5k paid for and on my calendar helped me remain motivated. After the excitement of running my first race wore off, I kind of fell into a running slump. I was inconsistent, and unmotivated. February seemed so far away. And we had some of the hottest weeks I have ever experienced living in Georgia (more on that later). 

I am just now getting back into the swing of things. The plans on RunKeeper help a lot! But having something that you can look at and know FOR SURE is happening, is the best motivation for me. From now on I always want to make sure I am signed up for something. 

It's all about support. 

I wouldn't have gotten this far if I didn't have my group texts from my princess running buddies, and Cameron telling me to go for my run. I am the queen of reasons why I can't run today excuses.

New things keep you excited.

A new tank top, pair of shorts, or shoes might just be the thing that makes you excited for your run that day. 

When the weather is bad, don't quit. 

This was my major problem I had for the month of June. We had two solid weeks of 95+ temps. If you didn't get up and out by 5am it was too hot to run. On top of the extreme heat the air quality was awful. 

We do not have a treadmill, or a gym membership and my neighborhood runs were just not an option. I was able to get in some cardio on the days I couldn't make my runs happen thanks to YouYube. Especially the Fitness Blender channel. 

I got this.

In February I couldn't even run a mile. I am not being dramatic, that is a true statement. So running down a pair of shoes, logging over 50 miles, and completing a 5k are all things that I am so excited I was able to accomplish in a short period of time. I know when February 2016 comes around. I got this!