DIY No Sew Pocket Tee - Star Wars

I consider myself to be a pretty crafty person with one exception. I can't sew. [But I would love to learn!] That means when I have a project in mind that would usually involve whipping out a sewing machine. I have to come up with an alternate solution. 

Today I am sharing a fun DIY No Sew Pocket Tank, which I have done in a fun Star Wars print. Tonight we are heading to see the Atlanta Braves, and it just so happens to be Star Wars night. I though this tank would be a fun and cute way to stay cool and show my nerdy Star Wars side. Princess Leia buns might also be happening.

DIY No Sew Star Wars Pocket Tank

Here's what you will need:

Tank (or Tee) 

Fabric (Star Wars fabric here)

Pocket Template (you can download mine here


Iron on fabric tape 

Iron + Ironing Board

Supplies for DIY No Sew Pocket Tank


1. Before you get started it's super important that you wash your tank, and your fabric. You don't want one of them to shrink in the wash and then your pocket gets all wonky. 

2. Find the spot of fabric you want to showcase and cut using the CUT line on my template as your guide.

3. Fold and iron into a pocket shape. Take your template and fold on the FOLD lines. Use that as your guide to make the pocket shape by folding the fabric around that and ironing as you go. See photo below.

Pocket Folding

4. Once you have a solid pocket shape flip it over and test it on the tank. Make sure the lines are straight, and the placement of the design is how you want it. 

5. One flap at a time add your iron on fabric tape under the folds and iron it down according to the instructions on the packaging. This will help the lines be nice and crisp when you go to attach the pocket to the tank.

6. Line up the pocket. I used another pocket tank I have for a guide as far as placement goes. I attached the pocket 4.5 inches in from the side seam and 4.5 inches down from the neckline.

7. Attach the pocket. One edge at a time, lift and add fabric tape and iron it down. Once it cools test and make sure all the edges are secure.

8. Look cute! Your pocket tank is done.

As always if you have any questions leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer!