Sunday Lately Week 30

Long time no post! I am trying not to let my blogging slacking get the best of me so instead of focusing on the fact that I haven't posted since July 6th ... I am going to focus on the fact that I am posting today. 

My awesome new toy I mean work tool!

My awesome new toy I mean work tool!

So welcome to the Sunday Lately link up that I host with two of my blogging buddies Meghan & Katy. We would love to have you join so feel free to add your link in the linky list below. Don't forget that next week's prompts are always at the bottom of the post. 

Let's get started!


Our first full week of orders from Happily Ever Tees. Last year I started a little tee shirt business with my friend Katy. Last week Cameron and I took it over full time, screen printing each tee shirt. After lots of long hours working the kinks out of our process we got our first full week of work under our belts. 

It's amazing how much you learn (and quickly) when learning a new skill. We are already looking back at the way we did a few things at the start of the week like WHAT WERE WE THINKING.


My grandparents in NYC at the beginning of August. It's been a year since we have seen them, and a lot has happened in that year for my grandpa heath wise. I am excited to see them and that he is finally on the mend after months in and out of the hospital. 


"Get out of bed and go for a run today!" to myself on most mornings. By 9am it's just way too hot and humid to run, so I have to get to bed early so I can get my run in. Just 210 days until my first half marathon! YIKES.


Myself! Cameron and I have been trying to get better about impulse purchases. You know when you see a shirt on clearance for so cheap you have to get it even if it doesn't fit? Or something you 100% don't need but you convince yourself you NEED it because it's on sale and there will never be another sale in the history of time ever again!? That was my issue. I felt like I would be loosing money by not scooping up that deal. 

Limiting my purchases to things that I need, and selling the things I don't need any more on Ebay or Poshmark, leaves me money to spend on things I can really be excited about! Like this perfect sweater, or this pair of jeans in the Madewell sale section. Thank you for an additional 40% off sale, and in store sale being way more marked down than online. 


Our plans for the coming weeks. My parents are moving. We are heading to New York. Add in regular errands, family stuff and work and it looks like we are totally booked up for a bit. Scheduling is my only way to cope with madness.