Sunday Lately Week 36

My Sunday Lately post is coming at you on a Monday! But it's a Monday most people have off, so I guess that kind of counts as a Sunday, right?


On making this week a full week of a schedule we have been working towards. Since started printing tees, we have had something happen each week to throw us off our schedule. 

The new and improved schedule should leave time for everything, even working out, laundry and cleaning the house which are the first things to get neglected. We really need to stick to a schedule to have time for personal and spiritual things. 

I am excited to put this plan into action!



My new mug. My other two co-hosts shared some Star Wars love in their posts this week so I figured I should do the same. I got it at the Disney Store (on clearance!) when we took our niece and nephew to a special Star Wars event they had going on Saturday morning.


A book I picked up at Barnes and Noble in the clearance section. It's called Girls in White Dresses.  I don't like it. However, I feel obligated to finish it before I start another book, because I bought it, even though it was only like $3. Do you ever have this problem? It will for sure be going out at the next garage sale.


I was doing a better job posting on the blog recently. Hopefully making some changes in our schedule and blocking out time in my schedule to blog will help me in this aspect as well.


Excited for our trip coming up to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We're going to our happy place, Walt Disney World! Get ready for some Disney themed posts hitting the blog in the next few weeks. 

I just need to decide which Happily Ever Tees I am going to pack!

I'm So Glad I Left My Tower