Sunday Lately Week 61


To be honest, between getting back from vacation and then being sicker than I have been in a long time - I have totally lost track of what day it is. In other news if this post sounds like a rambling mess you can blame it on my meds.



ANOTHER TRIP! Of course we are. This time with our Disney BFF's Meghan and Corey. We decied to add 2 days ahead of the cruise we have planned for May to spend some time at Flower and Garden festival because it's my favorite time of year at Epcot.

We are totally wearing out our annual passes this year. 

Also, with only 1 week since our half marathon we are already planning our next one! Disney's Marathon Weekend here we come!


Fuller House. Being sick since we got home has had it's perks. We are almost done with season 1. I love how corny it all is.


Nothing right now. We've been watching Fuller House haha.


I could get over this junk I have. It's rare that Cameron and I are both super sick at the same time. There is no one to make the food and do the laundry. Send help.


Overwhelmed by all of the well wishes and support I got here and on my instagram during and after the race! It's over and we are pumped for the next one!

Sunday Lately Week 60

As this post is going live we will be almost finished with our first HALF MARATHON. The Disney Princess Half Marathon.

So this post is past Nicole writing about future Nicole's first half marathon.



our first half marathon (like right now)!!!!! Queue all the confetti and all that fun stuff. Minnie and Mickey will be there to congratulate me at the finish line along with our family, and friends that we trained with and are running with us!


Epcot right after this!

We have lunch planned with the Princesses at the Norway pavilion, and I can't wait to show off my shiny medal!


YOU CAN DO IT, or at least Cameron is saying this to me over and over today. He is an awesome motivator.


This post a few days in the future so I hope all of the things I am talking about actually happen, haha!


Everything is all scheduled for the trip, after the race is done it's time to sit back and enjoy the rest of the trip!