The Mickey Wall - NYC

Even when Cam and I take a non Disney vacation, I manage to sneak a little bit of Disney in. I can't help it.

When I first saw this Mickey Wall popping up on Instagram, I immediately added it to our lists of things to visit in NYC. I thought I would share exactly how to find this wall in case you want to add it to your travel plans as well.

The Mickey Wall NYC

The artist behind this amazing mural is Incarcerated Jerkface. You can see more of his amazing walls here.

the Mickey Wall in NYC

I have tagged the location of the CVS this mural is located behind on the map below. The address for CVS is Mulberry Street but the mural is actually located at the corner of E. Houston and Mott.

the Mickey Wall NYC

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the Mickey Wall NYC

I mean doesn't everyone look at Mickey this way?