Top 5 Ways to Stay Cool in the Disney Parks this Summer!

Top 5 Ways to Stay Cool in Disney this Summer

It's May which means summer is here at Walt Disney World.

The days are long and hot, but that doesn't mean you have to stay out of the parks. I wanted to share ...

TOP Five ways to stay cool in the Disney Parks this Summer!

These are all things Cam and I have found helpful and we plan to use even more this summer now that we are locals.


Stay hydrated. This sounds like a no brainier to most but please remember to drink water! Not only do the Disney parks allow you to bring your own water in, but all quick service locations will give you a free cup of water you just have to go up to the counter and ask!

As long as you're staying on top of your water intake you can throw some fun drinks in there too. The LeFou Brew and the Frozen Lemonade are a couple of our favorites for hot days.

Disney Snack Frozen Lemonade


Play early, or late. Not only are the afternoon's typically the hottest part of the day, they are also usually where you will see a pop-up storm in central Florida.

Plan on opening the park and leaving at or around lunch time. Then head back out once the sun goes down! You could even spend the warmest parts of the day relaxing by the pool.


Pack a change of clothes. If you are planning to be out in the parks all day without a break I suggest packing a change of clothes in your backpack. AT THE VERY LEAST pack yourself an extra shirt. I promise you, changing your shirt mid-day will make you feel like a new human.

Happily Ever Tees


Mini Handheld Fans (thanks to Pretty Little Monograms for this tip!) and Cooling Towels can get you through things like waiting in outdoor lines, or for parades and shows. Both of the items I linked above are easy to throw in your backpack!


Fastpass a water ride (or an AC filled one!) Nothing cools you down and is more fun than getting totally soaked on Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids! Plus in the heat of the day you dry off quickly. We actually did this a few weeks ago when it was so incredibly hot in Animal Kingdom. We rode Kali River Rapids to cool off, then dried off as we walked to the car to head home!

If you aren't a fan of water rides, why not stop in a ride or show that you are sure to cool off in!

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